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Tales of a Misplaced Lutheran
Memories of a Minor Missionary
For a long time, people have been asking Janet Elaine Smith to share her tales of the life she and her late husband, Ivan, experienced when they were missionaries in Venezuela. Janet fought the idea, figuring nobody really cared. In fact, a few people told her that it was so long ago that nobody really cared. However, there were far more people who kept asking for her memoirs of that time, so she finally gave in and set pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and delved into the past to share them with you, her readers.
In order to get to Venezuela, God led her on a path that was almost as exciting as life in a foreign land, so the first part of the book deals with her training and how she ended up in a place that she knew almost nothing about.
Janet doesn't claim to be an angel, nor was her life perfect, but she sincerely hopes that Rebel With a Cause will inspire others to realize that God can use them, no matter what. All He needs is a willing heart.

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Violet Seymour, the new schoolmarm, is on her way to Lake City soon after the Civil War ends. Hoping to make a good first impression, she goes to step off the riverboat just as a gust of wind passes by--and she lands in Lake Pepin. Well, at least she made a "splash" when she showed up.
She soon comes to odds with Denis McLeod, the young man who recruited her for the position, and her life gets more complicated when she is persuaded to care for a little Indian girl who is deserted by her tribe.
Denis McLeod promised her Paradise, but she's about as far away from it as she could imagine, until the little girl disappears and the odd-man-out's true colors and the depth of the love in his heart surfaces.
Lake City, Minnesota is where author Janet Elaine Smith's mother grew up, and it is a favorite place with a lot of happy memories for Janet. She's delighted to share them with her readers.

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Hi, Daddy!

Popular author Janet Elaine Smith takes today’s “extended family” to the next level. Bob Jones has four ex-wives, seven children, a successful business and a fortune. The one thing he doesn’t have is a good relationship. As he recruits his first ex to help him run his real estate/land development business, she realizes that her extinguished fire for Bob has some leftover cinders smoldering, but she doesn’t want to get burned twice. She begins to plot, with the help of all of his kids, to straighten the whole mess out. Can the secrets stay buried, or will somebody let the cat out of the bag?

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They've been out as an e-book for several years, and acclaimed by some as "The author's Bible for promotion." Now, Star Publish has stepped up to the next level and they are now available in print to make it easier for you to keep them handy while you market yourself to Stardom! Watch for them on and everyplace fine books are sold. Janet Elaine Smith shares her easy-to-follow secrets to what has worked for her. As Kristie Leigh Maguire said about Janet's PromoPaks, "These were so simple I could have thought of them—but I didn't."
R.Brian Burkhardt, author of Rest in Peace--Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral, had this to say.
I have been advised by the best promoters in the world. This book gave me fast and fabulous ideas that I could have implemented yesterday. This work increased the hopes for my books. Just buy it. Do it now. Click your Mouse for your purchase.
Rusty Fischer, marketing guru, said, "These are great! I've been doing this full-time for 3 years now and didn't think there was any room to improve but you've shown me the error in my ways." (For more info. on Rusty Fischer, Author of GRASS ROOTS BOOK PROMOTION: Almost 300 FREE Ways to Promote Your Self-Published Book!

Available exclusively at )

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It started out like any other day for Max (Maxine, but only to her mother) Stryker, a crime reporter for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Then the news broke. She was listening to the morning news on TV as she rushed to get to work when they announced that the Knight Ridder chain of newspapers had been sold. When she arrived at the office, the buzz was that their newspaper was going to go on the auction block, and a lot of the workers would be getting pink slips within days, maybe even hours. With her notice in front of her, Max called her mother and told her that she was going to be forced to do what she had vowed would never happen: she was going home! Home to Willow Creek, Minnesota, where nothing exciting ever happened--until Max hit town again, just in time to hear that the bank president had been kidnapped!

Now available from Star Publish
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Señor Raul Escobar. A handsome gaucho, who came to Argentina to lose his past, suddenly becomes the richest man in Argentina after he inherits the huge ranch of Señor Pancho Mendoza upon his death. His devotion to his benefactor is beyond question, but his life and the mysterious way he appeared at the ranch several years earlier is definitely suspect.

Samantha Leota Manchester. A spoiled rich girl, trained as an archaeologist, shows up for Señor Mendoza’s funeral, on the arm of the American Ambassador. She asks for permission to "dig" on the land. Her grandmother revealed a secret, on her deathbed, that has sent "Sam" scurrying to try to find the hidden secrets of her past, which she wants to uncover, as much as Raul wants to bury his.

Doña Helena. The faithful housekeeper of Pancho Mendoza, who inherits the large house itself, but there is one string attached: Raul cannot move into the house unless he marries. Doña Helena, who tries to keep peace on the ranch, learns of Sam’s secret, and eventually those of Raul as well.

Can these two people, so different, possibly keep from killing each other in their quest to reveal—and to hide—their pasts?
PAMPAS is filled with love, hate, intrigue, secrets, and loads of laughs. Even "the godfathers" get into the picture.

Blurb in Spanish:

Señor Raul Escobar. Un gaucho, bien guapo, quien vino a Argentina a poder echar a perder su vida pasada. De prisa, al morir su empleador y mejor amigo, Raul hereda toda la estancia. Su devoción al Señor Mendoza es sin preguntas, muy diferente de su propio vida y la manera en que llegó a la estancia hace varios años ya.

Samantha Leota Manchester. Una señorita de Nueva York, es en verdad una arqueóloga, y ha venido a Argentina a buscar la secreta que le reveló su abuela en su cama de muerte. Viene a la estancia para el funeral del Señor Mendoza, y pide permiso a conducir una excavación en la propiedad. Del principio, "Sam" y Raul se les ponen a puntos contrarios.

Doña Helena. La criada para el Señor Mendoza por muchos años, ella herida a la hacienda. Hay una sola stipulación: no puede vivir Raul Escobar en la casa menos que si se casa. Eventualmente, ella aprende de los secretos de ambos Samantha y de Raul. El problema es que tiene que proteger los dos el uno de la otra.

¿Es posible por ambos Raul y Samantha lograr a tener exito en lo que necesitan en cuanto sus vidas pasadas sin destruir todo lo que les importa? PAMPAS es una novela lleno de misteria, amor, odio, y mucha risa. Aún los compadres de la mafia aparecen.

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Now available from Star Publish
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"Papa" Joseph Levine and his granddaughter, Mary Jane, run a small weekly newspaper in newly settled Fargo, Dakota Territories. Following Papa's bout with illness, he puts an ad in the Minneapolis Tribune for an assistant. At the most opportune time, handsome, meticulous Johathan Bohner appears. Jonathan and Mary Jane get off on the wrong foot from the start, but before long their sparks turn to kindling, and love begins to heat up.
Jonathan soon lets it slip that he has an ulterior motive, which he calls his "crusade," and he challenges Mary Jane to seek for her crusade as well. With the appearance of a minister from Chicago and a schoolteacher from Rochester, MN, life in Fargo blossoms. Even Libbie and Col. George Custer put in an unexpected appearance.
When Jonathan goes to help the Indians out on the prairie, fate steps in and Mary Jane fears she has lost her true love. Can they possibly find a future together on the prairie in the 1870s?

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They're calling it a

Leigh Davis was raised as the son General Alexander Davis never had and always wanted. When the war hit, she found a way to serve by taking supplies and food to the camp at nearby Harpers Ferry, while her father went off to be a personal aide to President Lincoln. Clad in her normal buckskins, her long blonde locks tucked under her cap, the men in camp heard her refer to her father. Thinking she was his son, they joked about her being as bossy as General Lee. And so, they called her General Leigh.
Grant Sinclair, a spy for the South, kept bumping into General Leigh, until one day he was wounded and she took it on as her responsibility to nurse him back to health. This was the relationship between Leigh and Grant.
Could their differences, as great as those that existed between the other Lee and Grant, survive despite all the obstacles of the war?

Packed with both emotion and hilarity, And They Called Her General Leigh, is a fresh take on the Civil War, and the brave men and women who served during this trying time.

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Now available from Star Publish
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Maria Hallett has been captivated by the dashing pirate, Black Sam Bellamy, but he leaves her--alone and pregnant in 1713. The baby nearly dies at birth, but Maria Hallett's father, John, goes across a field to entice modern OB-GYN doctor, Angus McPherson, to come to her rescue.
Dr. Angus saves the baby's life, using modern means, but is shocked when he learns he has made the ultimate HOUSE CALL TO THE PAST. When Maria is accused of witchcraft, he opts to stay with her in the past, offering to marry her to save her from a lifetime in prison. Maria agrees, but vows she will never love anyone but Black Sam.
Can Dr. Angus win her love? And can he protect her from Black Sam, if he returns? A page-turning challenge ensues, proving that hopefully good once again triumphs over evil.

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Now available from Star Publish
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"Monday's child is fair of face..." Monday Knight had heard it from the day she was born. Her whole life revolved around it; today she was the leading model in the world. But in the twinkling of an eye it was all gone; thanks to one drunk driver.
Dr. Stephen White, world's most noted plastic surgeon, was her only hope. Clad in anonymity, he vows to do the impossible when she shows him a picture of Monday Knight and says that is who she wants to be.
Personal struggles seem insurmountable, but Dr. White's sense of humor supercedes, and among wigs, lingerie and dandelions, he sets out to win her over. All he has to do is convince her he truly loves her; it is not just pity.

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A war was coming! Ten-year-old Phebe Irvine was just plain scared. It was all anyone talked about. But war didn't really mean much to Phebe; it was something a long ways away from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The letters from her Uncle James, who lived near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, brought it much closer to home. And then her best friend, Sarah Tuttle, had to say goodbye to her father, who left to join the army.

In MY DEAR PHEBE, children learn how war affects everyone, even if there were no battles nearby. Phebe learns how to deal with the fears, anxieties and pain caused by the war, as well as having personal problems in her own family.
In the face of whatever terrors face today's youth, they will learn to cope with them by visiting another war, the Civil War, enabling them to better handle today's problems and threats. 

MY DEAR PHEBE is based on the actual letters Phebe Irvine received from her Uncle James. A "must read" for young adults everywhere, as well as an excellent source book for teachers, libraries and parents.

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Grace Johnson, elderly New York City widow, "ran away from home, and at my age!" she says. Patrick O'Mally, retired New York cop, comes to her rescue by taking her to the homeless shelter where he volunteers. Grace quickly becomes their most valuable employee.

The fun begins when a priest from St. Patrick's Cathedral recruits them to help solve a mystery: the statue of St. Patrick has disappeared! They are led on a merry chase by a young girl, and along the way they just happen to solve the one murder case that has bugged Patrick for years, as well as get caught in the middle of an attempted poisoning.

IN ST. PATRICK'S CUSTODY is the first in the Patrick & Grace Mystery series.

Now available from Star Publish
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Patrick O'Malley, retired New York City cop, and Grace Johnson, Jill-of-all-trades at the homeless shelter where she escaped in the first Patrick and Grace Mystery, take flight to Nebraska when they hear that Walter Schmidt, Grace's cohort from the kitchen at the shelter was found hanging in the apple shed. What seems ilke a perfectly simple suicide soon turns to a devious plot, with family secrets abounding on every side. Small town life is at its best, where outsiders are "suspects" from the start, but soon Patrick and Grace have a lineup of suspects of their own.

The primary clue is the letter to Patrick and Grace, which contained a key to a safety deposit box. In the box? A RECIPE FOR MURDER. But was it really worth killing for? Obviously someone thought so.

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Hot off the press! More fun than ever
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It's finally here. Patrick and Grace no sooner get back to the Haven of Rest Homeless Shelter in NYC than they are called into action by Father O'Brien. This time it's Mother Superior who is missing.
Yes, it's the long-awaited new Patrick and Grace Mystery. I promise it is worth the wait. One reviewer said "Patrick and Grace get into more trouble than a couple of two-year-olds, but they have more fun than a barrel of monkeys getting out of it."
With a whole new crew of wacky Sisters to join in the search for "The Missing Mother Superior," the fun has just begun. As my dad used to say, "I ain't had this much fun since the pigs et my little brother!"
For an excerpt to see what lies ahead, click here.
What? You don't know Patrick and Grace? Come on over here to find out all about them.

Now available from Star Publish
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A No. 1 bestseller on for over 2 months!
Dunnottar Castle, Scotland, the domain of the Clan Keith, close consorts of the royal family for many generations. The whole country is at war with itself: Scotland against England. William Keith, the patriarch, is the wealthiest man in Scotland, but he desires only to be known as the kindest; John, his younger brother, is eager to fight for his country, even if his motives are a little questionable; and Robert, William's oldest son, is off to battle, but his mother's only hope is that he finds a wife in the process.

Even the most seemingly righteous families have some deep, dark hidden secrets. The Keith clan is no exception; some of them so deep and dark even the other Keiths don't know they exist. But they are privy to secrets of King Charles II himself.

Now available from Star Publish
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MARYLEBONE, the sequel to best-selling DUNNOTTAR, flits back and forth between London and the Scottish highlands during the regency era. Handsome young James Keith, wanting to remain anonymous, visits "the clubs" in London, where he encounters Caroline Kent, who has just returned from Vienna after studying the piano.
Caroline is immediately enraptured by the mysterious Scotsman, but he seems to disappear every time she gets close to finding him. She calls on their mutual friend, the Duke of Hamilton, to help her locate him. Keith, who is using the alias Robert Paterson, swears Hamilton to secrecy, as he is on a personal quest to locate the Scottish regalia, which was hidden byt the Keith clan at Dunnottar Castle more than one hundred years earlier.
Complete with two mysteries (who is the mysterious Scot and where is the regalia), throw in a famous person (Walter Scott), a secret which Caroline's father, the Earl of Kent, has kept buried almost as long, a surprise about the "mad King George" and you have the makings of a read that will delight you for a long time to come.

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Par for the Course returns to Dunnottar Castle and the Keith clan, but in a new and exciting way. Mikki Jeanotte, a young golf pro at St. Andrew's Golf Course, just outside Aberdeen, Maryland, has been summoned by a strange-sounding woman who insists on having a private early-morning golf lesson. As Mikki waits for her, in a dense fog, she trips on an oak root, finds a black gooey orb she hits to kingdom-come, only to have it burst into a million feathers, and wakes up with her head on the lap of the man of her dreams. How did Mikki get from 1996 and St. Andrew's Golf Course, just outside Aberdeen, Maryland, to the 1500's and St. Andrews Golf Course, just outside Aberdeen, Scotland, with her head in the lap of Lord Robbie Keith, Viscount of Kintore, and in the company of the world's first woman golfer: Mary, Queen of the Scots? She soon discovers that the fate of Queen Mary lies in her hands, and she enlists Lord Robbie's aid to carry out the most far-fetched plan history has ever known. The twist at the end will have you laughing for months to come. It's history like you've never seen it.

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Christmas miracles...
In 1870, Martha Ferguson arrives in Hibbing, MN, intent on joining the fiancé she believes is waiting at the logging camp of Sawbill Landing. In Hibbing, she meets Dr. Byron Ferguson, who has been called to deal with a fatal epidemic. Devastation strikes when Martha finds her betrothed among dozens of other corpses. Determined to make the best of a poor situation, she aids with the crisis and finds herself drawn to the good doctor. As Christmas approaches, the entire camp needs a miracle.

It is Martha and a very special friend who led the residents of Sawbill Landing to a special Christmas tree and the truth that with faith they will find the power of miracles and love.

Generations later, the Ferguson family, now living in Hibbing, MN, is as desperately in need of a Christmas miracle as the family has ever been. Martha, the youngest member of the family, is sure her mother and father are getting a divorce. Grandma Ferguson is in a nursing home, where she has remained silent for months. Grandpa Ferguson misses his wife so much he can't even see straight any more, while the town's Jewish Santa still mourns the death of his wife. Even the dog, Scooter-Doo, isn't herself! The miracles begin when one by one the family members visit Grandma and for the first time in months she speaks.

Can two lost hearts find their way back together? Can the old tree still make miracles? Is it too late to save the spirit of Christmas and the memories of miracles past?

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Susan Quincey has declared Christmas as "off limits." The loss of her husband in Desert Storm has definitely caused a "bah humbug" attitude, despite her 3 year-old son Jeremy's needs. Just when she thinks it can't get any worse, it does. Her car won't start, but Kevin Dockter, her boss (who has admired her since the day she applied for work) offers to "jump" her, then hooks his car battery to hers. Susan is afraid of Jeremy getting hurt, but Kevin wins Jeremy's heart and they both go to work on Susan. 
A CHRISTMAS DREAM is a heart-warming Christmas tale, where even Santa gets a Christmas present. You will fall in love with the characters, from little Jeremy to Kevin's mother and even Buford, the lopsided reindeer. And yes, Kevin proves that miracles truly do happen at Christmas time, and in the most unexpected places.

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      The Real Story--The People
In the midst of tragedy and trauma, an 80-something-year-old woman is surrounded by dozens of people; she is telling "Ole and Lena" jokes.
A pregnant mother of 7 children sends her daughter for help. The child's comment? "My mother is going to have a baby. There's water everywhere!" Of course there was; it was the middle of a flood!
An elderly gentleman who has no legs refuses to leave the temporary shelter--until a cute young blonde Salvation Army volunteer says she is going to the same place she is trying to convince him to go. His reaction? "Hey, Ma, you better start packing!"
These were the true-blue heroes of the Grand Forks flood in 1997: the every-day people who not only survived, but who overcame. 
The Flood of the Millennium is the true story of what happened as the whole country watched in horror as the town was flooded--and then burst into flames.  

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